Member Questionnaire & Open House

Member Questionnaire & Open House
Your support and feedback are needed on 2 important items:

1. Survey. In an effort to implement the values and actions included in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan related to the Village Center Subarea, please take a few minutes to participate in an online survey about the Village Center Subarea (Core). The survey takes only about 10 minutes.

2. Open House. Join us this Thurs (8/9) from 12pm-6pm at Town Hall for an Open House on the ongoing planning initiatives for both the Town Hall and Village Center Subareas. Professional planners from AECOM and members from the subarea committee will be present to engage with TMVOA members and the public.

Your feedback and participation are important and highly valued.

In 2016 the Town of MV, TMVOA, and TSG in a collaborative effort formed a committee to carefully evaluate and engage a public process to determine the most appropriate uses for the Town Hall Subarea (THS). In June 2017, after an 18-month effort that included several public work-sessions, Town Council unanimously approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to replace the THS chapter. View the amended THS chapter. View entire MV Comprehensive plan.

In the second half of 2017, the committee began discussing the Village Center Subarea (VCS) and ways to implement the existing Comp Plan actions for this subarea. The committee updated Council in October 2017 and identified 3 categories to help organize focus and objectives: Vibrancy & Activation, Infrastructure, and Undeveloped Parcels.

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