What is Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (“TMVOA”)?

Formed in 1984, TMVOA is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Colorado and managed by a duly elected Board of Directors. Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association has had many different names since inception, such as MVOA, Metro Services, MVMS, Resort Company – we are now only Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association or TMVOA. TMVOA is made up of 4 different membership classes – Class A: Residential, Class B: Lodging, Class C: Commerical, and Class D: Mountain Member (TSG).

Per the Declaration: “TMVOA was formed to perform certain functions and to hold and manage certain property for the common benefit of some or all Owners or Lessees within the Telluride Mountain Village with respect to TMVOA and with respect to Functions undertaken and Facilities held by TMVOA. TMVOA may perform all tasks and functions whether or not specifically set forth herein (in the Declaration) which it deems necessary to foster and preserve the health, safety and welfare of persons in the Telluride Mountain Village, preserve property, property rights and property values and to maintain the Telluride Mountain Village as a pleasant and desirable environment for all persons residing, visiting or doing business.

Please see the Governing Documents page to view all TMVOA’s important documents.

Who Does What?

TMVOA: One of TMVOA’s major responsibilities is to fund the gondola through the collection of Real Estate Transfer Assessments and Annual Real Estate Assessments (see current budget). TMVOA also provides member benefits such as Dial A Ride, the Sunset Music Series, Member Socials, Holiday Prelude and timely/pertinent communications. Our Economic Stimulus program helps to fund certain festivals and events that bring prosperity to Mountain Village. And finally we participate in various regional initiatives including, but not limited to, wildfire and forest health mitigation, redevelopment and expansion studies and regional transit initiatives.

Town of Mountain Village: Established as a home rule municipality March 10, 1995, the Town of Mountain Village is led by a democratically-elected governing body responsible for adopting policies with the intent to foster a proud community. The Town of Mountain Village’s responsibilities are funding and oversight of streets, water systems, fire, public safety, cable TV, parks and rec, transportation, parking, building development, animal control, business licensing, affordable housing and child care services.