Village Center Roof Tiles

In 2014 Westile, the manufacturer of the existing roof tile in the Mountain Village Center went out of business. Building owners within the Village Center have found a few challenges, including and not limited to access to existing concrete tile to replace broken tiles, challenges maintaining concrete tile, and a prohibition on proposing any other roof material type.
Under the existing Community Development Code section 17.5.6 C3(d): Village Center roofing material shall be concrete tile or synthetic materials that emulate concrete tile of the color burnt sienna except for special copper accent roofs that shall require specific approval of the Design Review Board (DRB).

The Town of Mountain Village and the Telluride Mountain Village Owner’s Association (TMVOA) have been working collaboratively to address roof tile options for buildings and owners in the Village Center. The Community Development Code (CDC) was recently amended to allow for other roof material options in the Village Center; however, some building owners may simply want to continue to repair and replace existing tiles until funds are available to address the primary and/or secondary roofs.
With the help of the Town of Mountain Village, TMVOA recently found and purchased several pallets of the approved roof tiles for Mountain Village center, as they are no longer being manufactured because the molds were destroyed.

These roof tiles can be purchased for small maintenance projects (not complete replacement) at a cost of $10.28 per tile. The tiles may not be purchased to store until needed, as they are intended to be used for immediate maintenance needs. As part of the sale of the tiles, TMVOA will require a final inspection of the newly installed tiles within 6 months of purchase. All purchased tiles must be used and a quote for install must be provided before purchase. Tile purchases may be limited to 100 per Association. Our inventory consists of 784 tiles and they are stored in an airplane hangar in Montrose. Pick up would need to be arranged by the purchaser.

Please let us know if you would like to purchase tiles, how many you would you need per a quote to replace, and your request will be reviewed by TMVOA staff to ensure the tiles are fairly distributed.

Please visit the Town of Mountain Village’s web page regarding Village Center Roof Tiles Here.