Update: Subdivision & Rezoning of Single Family Lots in Mountain Village

UPDATE: Mountain Village Council Issues 3-month Moratorium on Subdivision and Rezoning of Single Family Lots

At yesterday’s Mountain Village Town Council Meeting, the Town Council approved an emergency ordinance establishing a temporary moratorium prohibiting “the further subdivision of single-family lots to create additional lots and the transfer of additional density to be transferred onto a single-family lot”. After a one-hour discussion that included public comment, the moratorium was passed with a vote of 5-1; the ordinance will expire on August 1. During the approximately 3-month period, the Town plans to engage property owners and the community at large regarding single family lot rezoning, as well as research and benchmark how similar communities have approached this issue. In the event that additional time is required for these activities or council discussion, the moratorium could be extended as needed.

To view the materials presented during yesterday’s meeting or to watch the video recording of this Town Council session, see instructions and links below.

4/21 Town Council Meeting Information

Council Packet – Agenda Item #13; Pg 83- 88

Video of Session – AFTER reading all steps below, then click video link

(1) Click link below to go to recording

(2) Scroll to: Part 1 of April 21 , 2016

(3) Go to recording time 02:28

Video link

The next regular scheduled Town Council meetings are 5/19, 6/16 and 7/21. Should additional public work-sessions or meetings be scheduled on this matter, TMVOA will ensure all members are notified.

Posted on 2016-04-22

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