Update: Subdivision & Rezoning of Single Family Lots in Mountain Village

UPDATE: Subdivision and Rezoning of Single Family Lots in Mountain Village

TMVOA Staff and Board Members continue to receive communications from TMVOA members regarding concern about the potential impacts to the single family neighborhoods that could result from subdivision and rezoning of single family lots. TMVOA first sent out a communication on this subject on February 24, 2016, which included links to two applications which were to be heard by the Mountain Village Design Review Board (DRB), as well as the specific Community Development Code Section 17.3.4.F.4 which allows Single Family Lots to be subdivided and rezoned.

At the DRB meeting held on March 3rd, TMVOA requested that the DRB and Town Council revisit the Community Development Code and engage the community at large, particularly the owners of single family lots, in discussions on the propriety of allowing any single family lots to be further subdivided and/or rezoned. Today, TMVOA received a memo from the Town of Mountain Village stating they are aware of the concerns and have also received numerous comments relative to the Town’s Community Development Code provision that allows for subdivision and rezoning. In response to concerns raised, the Town states they will be scheduling an open public forum on this matter as soon as possible following the disposition of the current application.

In the meantime, TMVOA is encouraging the Town to adopt a moratorium as soon as possible so that no further single family subdivision/rezoning applications are eligible for consideration in order to provide the community with sufficient time and opportunity to understand the issues and voice their opinions. Once the Town has determined a date for this meeting, TMVOA will ensure all members are notified of the meeting and encourages members to take part in the public process.

TMVOA will continue to keep owners updated as new information becomes available. The next scheduled Town of Mountain Village Meetings are:

Design Review Board: March 30th

Town Council: April 21st

To view the memo from the Town of Mountain Village, click here.

Posted on 2016-03-25

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