Town Hall Subarea, Lot 30/Parcel M Open House, Cedar Roof Replacement Rebate

Town Hall Subarea – Update
In June, Council unanimously approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to replace the Town Hall Subarea (THS) chapter. The amended plan, which includes a focus on a welcoming sense of arrival and enhancing resident and visitor amenities, is the result of an 18-month effort that included several public work-sessions. The final version of the plan is now available (links below).

Next Steps - Members of the THS committee met this week to discuss a forward plan and draft an updated memorandum of understanding that will focus efforts on the next phase of planning and work. More information about the public process will follow.

View Town Hall Subarea Plan

View the full MV Comp Plan (June 2017)

Lot 30, Parcel M – Open House
The Town is holding an open house to discuss and gather public input on a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Lot 30, Parcel M on Thurs., Oct 12, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Town Hall. The site is located across the street from the Granita Building and adjacent to the Aspen Ridge development.

Public input is a key component of any comprehensive plan and comprehensive plan amendment. Town Council will consider the comprehensive plan amendment at their Nov 16 regular meeting.

For additional information or to provide public comment, please contact Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes at 970.239.4061 or .

Lot 30, Parcel M (8/17 Council Packet)

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Rebate - New
In 2016 the Town, TMVOA, and the West Regional Wildfire Council launched a wildfire mitigation incentive program to help owners create defensible space on their property. Building upon this effort, TMVOA and the Town recently approved funding for a new program to encourage homeowners with cedar shake roofs to replace them with approved fire-resistant roofing materials.

The new fire mitigation program will involve a rebate for the building permit fee for the re-roof application, with TMVOA and the Town equally funding the rebate up to a maximum of $5,000. Stay tuned – we will be sending out detailed information about this new program in the coming weeks.


Anton Benitez, Executive Director
Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

Posted on 2017-10-06

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