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Dear TMVOA Members,

We are excited to share that during a very successful and collaborative Special Board of Directors meeting held earlier this month, the Board carefully reexamined the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values to ensure they reflect current conditions and that they are aligned with our governing documents. The last time such an effort was taken on by the Board was in 2007, which was primarily focused on the association’s mission. In an effort to more thoroughly capture TMVOA’s strategic purpose and identity, the Board determined it a critically important initiative to revisit its mission, as well as the organization’s vision for the future and its core values.

During the next few weeks and prior to TMVOA’s next regularly scheduled Board meeting, we want to incorporate member feedback. Please provide any comments or suggestions regarding this first draft (shown below) by April 8, 2016 to .

The next regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for May 18, 2016 at 4pm in Mountain Village Town Hall. One of the agenda items at this meeting will be to adopt the final version of our Vision, Mission and Values which will be updated to our website by mid-April and can be found here under item 6.1. There are very exciting initiatives in process at TMVOA, and we greatly appreciate your consideration and comments.

TMVOA Vision, Mission & Core Values (Draft One):

TMOVA’s Vision:

To be a unique multigenerational resort village that promotes constructive relationships with all regional stakeholders

TMVOA's Mission is to promote:

· Member communication and education

· Economic prosperity and enhanced property values

· Unique / quality owner and guest experience

· Active and inspiring recreational lifestyle

· Environmental stewardship

· Vibrant regional community

· Neighborhood preservation

· Transportation and access

· High-quality development opportunities

TMVOA's Core Values are:

· To proactively serve the interests of our members

· Responsible fiduciary management

· To inform and educate

· Unyielding commitment to quality

· Commitment to well-planned and executed development

Posted on 2016-03-15

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