TMVOA Seeks Membership Involvement and Input

TMVOA Chairman's Communication

Dear TMVOA Member,

Now that we are well into the busy summer season with hiking, biking, festivals and events, I wanted to reach out to our membership about another activity that may be of interest to certain individuals in our community. Our board is well aware that there’s a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our membership regarding financial and investment strategies. For those individuals with a professional background or a deep knowledge of finance and investment, TMVOA would like to invite you to join a small group to work with our Finance, Audit, and Budget committee (FAB). The group will meet a few times a year to review the association’s finances and investments, as well as discuss potential investment strategies.

This will allow several TMVOA members to become more involved with the association, and at the same time will give TMVOA the opportunity to capitalize on the financial and investment experience of some of our members. TMVOA currently holds over $17M in financial investments, with roughly 80% in fixed assets and 20% in equity investments. It is important to manage our investments wisely so that TMVOA maintains its strong financial position to meet future obligations and projects (i.e. the gondola, infrastructure and economic development).

We are hoping to have three individuals from the membership join this small group that will meet for a couple hours a few times a year with members of our board and staff during our FAB Committee meetings. If you are interested in joining this group and sharing your expertise, please contact Anton Benitez at 970-728-1904 (ext 1) or .


Jon Dwight, Board Chairman

Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

Posted on 2015-07-08

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