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Moratorium on Subdivision of Single Family Lots: Update from July 7th DRB Meeting

Last week the Mountain Village Design Review Board (DRB) considered Town Council’s proposed amendments to the Community Development Code (CDC) on single-family lot subdivision and rezoning.

In a vote of 5-to-2, the DRB voted to recommend to Town Council that subdivision of single-family lots should not be allowed in Mountain Village. During their discussion, the DRB noted that in the event that Town Council does not agree with their recommendation against subdivision, they could further consider the proposed amendments with additional language added that would allow eligible lots to only be subdivided ONCE. Specifically, any lot resulting from a subdivision could not be later subdivided again in the future.

Town Council will be discussing this matter at their July 21st meeting, with this agenda item currently scheduled for 10:15 a.m.

Link to agenda for 7/21 Town Council Meeting

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Posted on 2016-07-15

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