Subdivision & Rezoning of Single Family Lots


TMVOA Staff and Board Members have received several communications from TMVOA Members regarding two applications pending before the Town of Mountain Village Design Review Board and Town Council that involve the subdivision and rezoning of Single Family Lots.

Information regarding the two applications, which will be heard at the DRB on March 3rd and at Town Council on March 16, are linked below:

Application 1

Application 2

Community Development Code Section 17.3.4.F.4 allows Single Family Lots to be subdivided and rezoned under the following conditions:

Further Subdivision Limited. A single-family lot may be further subdivided and additional density may be transferred onto a single-family lot by the Rezoning Process in limited situations only if:

a. The density is currently permitted on a lot; or

b. The Comprehensive Plan envisions higher density; or

c. A PUD is approved pursuant to the PUD Regulations; or

d. The Town Council determines that the rezoning is exceptional and meets conditions to mitigate the upzoning, such as but not limited to clustered development, the provision of additional open space, or other community benefits; and

e. The rezoning is compatible and fits with surrounding area.

Several Members have raised concerns to TMVOA regarding the increased density, uses and impacts that could result in the Single Family Neighborhoods if Single Family Lots are subdivided and/or rezoned. TMVOA encourages all Members to review the submittal materials and participate in the public hearings in order to make sure your opinions are heard.

Posted on 2016-02-24

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