Mountain Village Merchants Association - Chairman's Communication

Dear Merchants,

Telluride Ski and Golf is invoking its rights with the Town to allow free day use parking at the gondola parking structure for the 2015/2016 ski season.

· TSG believes free day use parking in the gondola parking structure is in the best interest of our Guest experience, the Mountain Village Merchants’ economic health and Town sales tax revenues.

· TSG was fine with the Town charging for parking in the gondola structure during recessionary times to help offset the Town’s expense of operations but we are now in a more guest experience driven environment and desire easier and more affordable access for our guests to the Village Core.

· TSG desires for the gondola parking structure to have a high daily utilization rate. (Currently the structure has a 14% annual utilization rate)

· TSG still wants the Town to charge for overnight parking.

We need your support….if you agree with free day use parking at the Gondola parking structure, please send a brief e-mail to the Mountain Village Town Council to express your support.

Here are the Town Council e-mails:

Thank You,

Jeff Badger,

Chairman – Mountain Village Merchants Association

Posted on 2015-10-16

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