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Election Results: TMVOA Board Representatives
On Monday (Feb 8) at 5pm MST, the election for two Board seats closed with both the residential (Class A) and commercial (Class C) each exceeding the required 20% of total votes in their respective class to achieve quorum.

In the residential election, incumbent Tim Kunda ran unopposed and was re-elected, receiving 474.5 (22.4%) of the total 2,115.5 votes. In the commercial election, there were 3 candidates and 818 (61.5%) votes cast of the total 1,330 votes. Abbott Smith was elected, receiving 697 votes or 85.2% of votes cast.

Abbott Smith……697 (85.2%)
Michael Doherty…84 (10.3%)
Huascar Gomez…37 (4.5%)

Please join us in congratulating Tim and Abbott and thanking Michael and Huascar for their participation and willingness to serve. Election results and certification.

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Anton Benitez
President & CEO
Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

Posted on 2021-02-16

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