DRB Meeting on Subdivision & Rezoning of Single Family Lots


The Mountain Village Design Review Board (DRB) held a meeting March 3rd to review and discuss an application involving the subdivision and rezoning of Single Family Lots. The applicant provided a thorough presentation of the application, which was then followed by public comments from numerous Mountain Village homeowners.

The primary concerns voiced during the meeting focused on the uncertainty regarding increased density, uses, and impacts that could result from the subdividing and rezoning of single family lots to other zoning designations, including Active Open Space, in order to provide for uses that would not otherwise be allowed under single family zoning. Some homeowners also expressed concern over a May 2015 change to the Community Development Code that they felt was not adequately noticed to the public and therefore had minimal time for public involvement and input.

Based on several communications from concerned TMVOA Members regarding the potential impacts that could result in single family neighborhoods, TMVOA provided a statement and memorandum to the DRB at the meeting (TMVOA memo).

Ultimately, the DRB decided unanimously to continue the application until the March 30th DRB meeting so that additional information could be gathered and the DRB could obtain legal input from the Town’s attorney.

TMVOA encourages all Members to review the submittal materials and participate in the public hearings in order to make sure your opinions are heard.

Application 1

Application 2

The applicant for Lots AR-17 and 615-1CR (application 2) requested the work session be tabled to a future agenda.

Posted on 2016-03-08

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