Dear Mountain Village Merchants,

TMVOA would like to thank all our merchants for your contribution in making Mountain Village and our destination the #1 Ski Resort in North America by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler. This year, because Telluride has received this accolade six out of the past seven years Conde Nast Traveler has written a feature on the destination:

Why Telluride Keeps Being Named The Best U.S. Ski Town

This is wonderful recognition of our Mountain Village community and merchants.


As many of you participated in this year’s public planning meetings and survey focused on enhancing the village center and overall vibrancy, several short-term opportunities were identified. One opportunity that rose to the top of the list was expanding the Common Consumption Area that is enjoyed during the Wednesday summer concerts to other plazas and days of the week. This would enable the purchase of an alcoholic beverage from participating restaurants and bars and the ability to bring it out onto the plazas or into participating merchant shops.

In collaboration with the Town, TMVOA consulted with legal counsel that specializes in alcoholic beverage licensing to understand requirements and process. Using the established Mountain Village Promotional Association (MVPA) that manages the Common Consumption Area (CCA) for the Wednesday concerts, it is allowable to expand the CCA to other plazas within the village center. This would require a new application from MVPA to the Town and approval by Town Council.

If an expanded Common Consumption Area is approved by the Town of Mountain Village, MVPA would be required to:

· hold an insurance certificate for the Common Consumption Area
· provide list of all participating and non-participating premises and their locations
· provide detailed map of the Common Consumption Area
· provide dates and hours of operation of the Common Consumption Area
· provide appropriate signage throughout the Common Consumption Area
· provide appropriate education and signage for all merchants prior to implementation
· provide a monitoring and security plan for compliance
· provide a recap of the program at the end of summer 2019 and welcome input on whether the Promotional Association should reapply for 2020 with the same defined area

Participating restaurants and bars that serve alcohol would need to provide:

· a valid liquor license
· disposable cups for use in the Common Consumption Area – no larger than 16 ounces and must contain the name of the vendor in at least 24-point font
· education to employees

Participating Merchant shops and retailers that do not serve alcohol only need to let us know if you would like to allow alcoholic beverages within your premises. Specifically, this would enable individuals with an alcoholic beverage in an approved container for the Common Consumption Area to enter your commercial property.

Over the past year, TMVOA, the Town of Mountain Village, TSG, AECOM (independent consulting firm), and our merchants and community engaged in a thorough process to identify a variety of initiatives to enhance the vibrancy in our village center so that our businesses can thrive. Expanding the Common Consumption Area to all plazas within the village center was identified as an initiative that would be a key differentiator for our Town and would allow our guests and residents to enjoy our many plazas in a new and unique way. TMVOA and the Town have had several productive discussions about this exciting opportunity.

TMVOA is planning to begin the application process for an expanded Common Consumption Area with the Town in January 2019. While this is a short timeline, we understand there is a lot of planning and coordination with all our merchants to ensure this initiative is rolled-out in a very organized and thoughtful manner. This includes working with merchants on the design and style of cups to be used in the Common Consumption Area, education, compliance and other opportunities and ways TMVOA can support our merchants.

Your feedback is needed. Please complete the following survey and respond by December 31, 2018. Responses should be emailed directly to , dropped off at the TMVOA office (Blue Mesa Building) or by calling 728-1904, ext 7 to make other arrangements.

Please complete the survey here and


Anton Benitez
Executive Director
Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

Posted on 2018-12-20

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