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The summer season is approaching and TMVOA wants to welcome back all our returning residents and second homeowners. We sincerely hope you are your families are healthy and doing well. As you make plans for your return, or maybe just to get you prepared for arrival, take a quick visual drive through MV to see what it looked like today. Welcome home!

TMVOA has been working closely with the Town of Mountain Village, our member groups, and our regional partners on the continuing process of reopening our community. Through this, we are harnessing our collective strength that is aimed at making this a great summer for everyone and to building a resilient, robust, and healthy future.

And lastly, our local elected bodies from Mountain Village, Telluride and San Miguel County have written a letter to part-time residents to express their deepest gratitude for their support and for being an integral member of our community.

TMVOA, the Town of MV, and TSG are partnering on several initiatives to make the Village a great place this summer and each have unique communications that are being shared by email and/or social media. This week the Mountain Village Mayor sent out a Mayor’s Minute that provided important Town updates. If you did not receive this email from the Town, you can subscribe here.

Coming Home. Full- and part-time residents who have been outside San Miguel County for an extended period of time are asked to make every effort to isolate in their home for 14 days upon arrival. Please plan to be as self-sufficient as possible during this time and have groceries and other supplies delivered to your property. During today’s May 22 Board of County Commissioners Meeting, County Health Officials shared that the 14-day restriction may be revised and/or lifted as soon as June 1.

In the event that self-isolate restrictions are not lifted June 1 for returning residents, TMVOA is currently developing an option for grocery delivery from the newly opened Village Market with the support of Telluride Concierge who operates the Dial-A-Ride service. More information on this in the coming week, should it be needed.

State & County Orders. Next Wednesday (5/27), it is anticipated that the Colorado state governor will issue new orders which will likely continue the process of easing restrictions. Following this, San Miguel County will review state orders and have signaled that their goal is to align with the state as appropriate for our community. The County is anticipated to publish updated public health orders on 5/29 that would become effective June 1.

Gondola. Opening date is now expected on June 15. The original opening date was scheduled for May 21, but in light of Covid-19 and the resulting public health orders the bi-annual maintenance that is required for compliance was delayed. This required maintenance is now underway.

Plazas. As part of our efforts with the Town, we are working together to prepare the Village Center plazas for increased outdoor dining and retail opportunities that allow for proper social distancing. We are accomplishing this through the Business Development Advisory Committee that includes representatives from local business and TSG; in addition to TMVOA and TMV.

This will include additional outdoor seating, tables, umbrellas, heaters, and lighting in the Village Center plazas. There will also be more open-air seating zones to allow for safe spaces for family and friends to spend time together.

Outdoor Recreation. MV hiking and biking trails are open. The Paddle Tennis courts in MV are open and free to use. TSG is planning to open the golf course for TSG members on June 12 and to restart the Bike Park with lift-service on June 26.

With new State and County orders anticipated next week, we will have more information on our community opening, including businesses, restaurants, and group size. Stay tuned!

Village Market is Open!
Yesterday, The Village Market in Mountain Village opened its doors for business and there was a lot of excitement and positive feedback from members. The deli and sushi counters were especially appreciated by shoppers on the market’s first day based on comments from store owner, John Buxman. Personally, I can echo John’s comments as I had a fabulous lunch from the market with several business colleagues. We enjoyed made-to-order sushi and fresh salads from the deli. Opening day pics

Here are a few member quotes:

“My first impression upon entering was that it is bigger, better, and brighter. The produce section is so nice and the quality of everything is top notch. Especially like the meat and deli department counters. I really would like to thank TMVOA and the construction crew (Trifecta) for getting the market done ahead of schedule for our community. Thank you!”… Rick Greubel

“Wow. It was worth the wait! It is bright, open, and very refreshing. I love the layout and how everything flows. The selection and pricing are fabulous…Rube Fellicelli

“I am blown away! My favorite is the fresh, high quality meats and seafood. I also love the freshly made cold case selections for when I am busy and need a quick grab and go”… Patrick Latcham

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