Today is the Deadline to Register to Vote in this November’s Mountain Village Election

To vote in the Town of Mountain Village election this November, you must register by 5 p.m. today.

If you are a resident of Mountain Village and at least 18 years of age on the date of the election, register to vote here (Colorado Secretary of State Election Division).

Check your registration status at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office here (takes only 30 seconds).

Second Homeowners / Property Owners
Owners of property in the Town of Mountain Village who are not legal residents of the Town may become registered electors and vote on municipal issues.

This privilege is written into the Town Charter, which you can find here. Note: title to the Mountain Village property must be in your individual name and not in a trust or held by a company.

You can register to vote here (Town of Mountain Village Election).

For more information about voter registration requirements in the Town of Mountain Village, visit the Town’s website here, or contact the Town Clerk at 970-369-6406.

The San Miguel Authority for Regional Transit (SMART) initiative will be on the November ballot. If approved, SMART will create a regional transportation authority which can include bus service, shuttles, trails, roads, and related transit infrastructure such as park-and-ride and parking lots.

The SMART initiative will be posed to voters as two questions on the ballot. The first ballot question is to vote for formation of SMART. The second ballot question is a vote on funding of SMART through a combination of a 0.25% sales tax (1 cent on every $4) and a 0.75 mill levy property tax (~$6 per $100,000 of assess property value).

· Registered Mountain Village non-resident property owners (second homeowners), are eligible to vote on the ballot initiative authorizing funding of SMART

· Residents are eligible to vote on both the formation and funding ballot measures

In order for the SMART initiative to pass in Mountain Village, both its formation and funding must be approved by voters.

See links below for more information on SMART:

Vote SMART (a state and county registered issue committee)

Intergovernmental Agreement & Ballot Measures (TMV Aug 8 2016 Town Council Packet; pgs 41-96)

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