Section I
Name of Applicant Organization
Mission Statement
Goals & Objectives

Goals = desired future state or direction (1 year or more)
Objectives = intended results or outcomes that are measures of progress towards a goal (1 year or less)

2024 Calendar of Events
Economic Impact:
Event/Program Attendance:

*Provide breakdown of number of tickets sold

Economic Indicators, including:
Mountain Village Lodging Impact
Mountain Village Restaurant Impact

Note venue name, F&B minimum and any site fees

Mountain Village Event Presence
Funding Details
Gondola + DAR Extension Request
Funding Need and Funding Alternatives

Describe the sponsorship package available to Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association at the requested
level of funding, including such items as marketing, PR exposure, signage, program passes and privileges, etc.

a) Your organization/event will share sponsor contact information with Telluride Mountain Village Owners
Association. Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association will not contact any sponsors without prior
notification to the event/organization.
b) Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association will promote your event/organization to our sponsors for
potential collaboration opportunities, pending no direct sponsorship conflict with your existing sponsors.
If you have received Grant funding in the past, please submit examples of collateral
noting TMVOA’s sponsorship.

Section II

a. Provide a 3-year comparison for the following:
i. Balance Sheet
ii. Income Statement
b. Previous budget vs. actual income statement
c. Current year proposed budget

a. Most recent tax return (required)
b. Most recent annual report and audit (if any)

Section III

The following must be signed by the organization’s Executive Director or CEO or the governing Board Chairperson and
included in Economic Stimulus Funding Application.
In submitting this Application, I hereby acknowledge my understanding that any event/project/program occurring in the
Town of Mountain Village may require the issuance of permits from the Town of Mountain Village. I agree to comply with
all requirements of the Town of Mountain Village and understand that such compliance is my responsibility and that
TMVOA has no obligation to participate or otherwise assist in obtaining necessary approvals from the Town.
For information on event permitting, please visit the Town of Mountain Village’s website at https://
The Applicant hereby certifies that all information and representations set forth in this Application are true and
accurate. The Applicant acknowledges that TMVOA is relying on the veracity and accuracy of the information and
representations made by the Applicant in TMVOA’s consideration of this Application. If it is determined that any
representations of the Applicant regarding this Application are false or misleading, TMVOA reserves the right to
immediately withdraw this Application from consideration.