TMVOA is committed to ensuring our members can easily locate important information about their owners association.

  1. General Declaration
  2. First Amendment to Amended and Restated General Declaration
  3. Second Amendment to Amended and Restated General Declaration
  4. Articles of Incorporation
  5. Sixth Amended and Restated Bylaws
  6. Resolutions
    1. Resolution of the TMVOA Gondola Subcommittee Approving the Economic Impact Study
    2. Resolution to Adopt Monthly Assessment Rates for 2017
    3. Resolution to Adopt 2017 Final Budget
    4. Resolution Adopting Amended and Restated Board Member Fiduciary Duties and Conflicts of Interest
    5. Resolution Adopting Policies and Procedures for Handling of RETA Exemption Applications and the Imposition of Penalties for Late Submissions
    6. TMVOA Amended and Restated Resolution Concerning the Formation of the TMVOA Finance, Audit and Budget Committee
    7. TMVOA Investment Committee
    8. Gondola Chondola Auxiliary Committee
    9. Gondola Subcommittee
    10. Grant and Events Committee Resolution
    11. Resolution to Form a Group Sales Committee
  7. Policies
    1. Second Amended and Restated Fiscal Policies and Procedures
    2. Second Amended and Restated Investment Funds Policy and Procedures
    3. Amended & Restated Fiscal Policies and Procedures
    4. Amended and Restated Policies and Procedures for Retention, Inspection and/or Copying of Association Records
    5. Resolution Adopting Amendment for Collection of Unpaid Assessments
    6. Policy for Dispute Resolution
    7. Policy for Adopting Policies, Procedures, Rules, Regulations or Guidelines
    8. 2014 Fiscal Policies and Procedures
    9. Policy for Cooperating with Sellers
    10. Event Evaluation Policy
    11. Economic Stimulus Funding Policy
    12. Policies and Procedures Regarding the Formation of Committees
    13. Ethics Policy
    14. Whistleblower Policy
    15. Amended and Restated Investment of Reserve Funds Policy and Procedures
    16. Commercial General Liability & Property Policy
    17. Commercial Excess & Umbrella Liability
    18. Directors and Officer Policy
    19. Special Events GL
    20. Special Events Umbrella
    21. Inland Marine – Projector and Screen
    22. MVPA General Liability and Events
    23. MVPA Liquor Liability
  8. Annual Disclosure
  9. IRS Determination Letter